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About Juniorlogs team

Our extensive experience of over 10 years as an ICT Specialist in NZ allowed us to understand the challenges that the early learning services were going through daily. Whether it was data recording, analysis or compliance with the Ministry of Education, there was a genuine need for a modern, reliable and an integrated Childcare Management System that would allow centre owners, managers, admins and teachers to simplify a lot of their daily tasks.

The First Chapter

We set out to find the best solution resulting in collaborating with KidReports USA, which is now owned by ProCare Childcare Management Solution Provider. We worked alongside KidReports to offer New Zealand early learning centres a much more customised product that offered Real-time communication and Peace of mind by making life easier for everyone working in Childcare. We had robust followings and some diehard fans of KidReports, but unfortunately, the software didn’t take off due to two reasons. First, we had a prolonged adaptation from teachers who struggled to understand benefits of adopting to new technologies. Second, we couldn’t justify the cost of further development and marketing at a slow adoption rate.

Our Toddler Years

We came across New Zealand Playcentre federation while we were showcasing and demonstrating KidReports around 2016-2017. They used a paper-based system back then, and Childcare centres had only a few choices available to them between APT Childcare Management System, Infocare Childcare Management Solutions and Firstbase Student Management System. None of the software’s suited to New Zealand Playcentre Federation operational structure and they accepted our offer to deliver them a bespoke Student Management System that ticked off MOE Requirements for them and would also work with their organisational structure. It was a win-win combination for us both. We are very thankful to Playcentre Federation for their support to us during the Early Development Years of Juniorlogs Student Management Software. Around 400 Playcentres across New Zealand used Juniorlogs for three years.

Persistence reaps rewards!

With the determination to develop and deliver the best technology to NZ ECE Providers, we continued further development of the software. What started as a pilot project became a fully functional system with an approval from the Ministry of Education around mid-2019. MOE has also approved Juniorlogs Student Management System for the use of Education and Care Centres and Homebased ECE Providers.


We were very lucky to have found initial ‘champion’ centres who understood new technology and were ready to give it a go; they invested their valuable time helping us bring it to a level where it has brought fresh new ways of doing mundane tasks. With their active engagement, we have achieved several milestones in the last 6 to 8 months, offering some premium features.


Our vision and mission are to bring the best technology solutions to ECE Providers at an affordable pricing. We are a team who will listen to you actively and are one of the fastest evolving childcare management systems in NZ.

Firoz Wadhwania - Juniolorgs Director

Firoz Wadhwania


Firoz Wadhwania is the Director at Mace IT and set out to provide the best IT solutions to the Early learning sector with his vast knowledge & expertise in IT Services and Business Solutions. His passion for innovative and cost-effective IT solutions has put the company at the forefront of delivering smart solutions nationwide.

Pinky Wadhwania

Pinky Wadhwania


Pinky Wadhwania has an extensive experience in IT that revolves around Business Analysis, Process Improvement, Feasibility Studies, UX, User Training, Project Management with a wide exposure to QA and testing of Mobile and Wireless applications. Pinky loves being part of the software development team and leads customer engagement programs for various software solutions.

Susan Brennan Sales Executive

Susan Brennan


Susan has a background in working for government departments and also private industry. Susan is passionate about having IT systems that are simple to use, efficient and make a real difference to workloads. In her spare time she explores the National Parks, is a Cub Leader and manages her family’s menagerie of sheep, two very free range chooks and one cat.

Sunil Application Support

Sunil Kumar Bansal


Sunil Bansal is the Application Support champion, providing his expertise and technical knowledge on various software applications, keeps busy answering queries and resolving issues for end users. Sunil comes with a solid software development experience and is our ninja expert on all queries and resolving them quickly and efficiently for the end users.