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Per Child Place/Month

Minimum $40

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What’s included in this price? Everything.

Digital Enrolment

Attendance KIOSK

Child and Family Data

Staff Rostering

Payroll Report

Funding Calculations

RS7 and ECE Return

Automatic Invoicing

Xero Integration

Flexible fees Structure

Enterprise Solution

Integrated Calendar

Action Centre

Oscar Program

Separate family accounts

Pricing Comparison Chart

License Other Systems Juniorlogs Student Management System
x 30 $150/month $40/month. Save up to $110 month
x 50 $150/month $50/month. Save up to $100 month
x 75 $150/month $75/month. Save up to $75 month
x 100 or more $150/month $100/month. Save up to $ 50 month
*Please note, the monthly licensing costs are in NZD excluding GST.