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Minimum $40

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Digital Enrolment

Attendance KIOSK

Child and Family Data

Staff Rostering

Payroll Report

Funding Calculations

RS7 and ECE Return

Automatic Invoicing

Xero Integration

Flexible fees Structure

Enterprise Solution

Integrated Calendar

Action Centre

Oscar Program

Separate family accounts

Pricing Comparison Chart

License Other Systems Juniorlogs Student Management System
x 30 $150/month $40/month. Save up to $110 month
x 50 $150/month $50/month. Save up to $100 month
x 75 $150/month $75/month. Save up to $75 month
x 100 or more $150/month $100/month. Save up to $ 50 month
*Please note, the monthly licensing costs are in NZD excluding GST.


I will be paying for the software based on my licence, is this correct?

Yes, you will pay based on your service licence. With a minimum monthly charge of $40 per month and maximum $100 per month per centre.

As an example, if you are a 50-licence service, you will be paying $50 + GST every month and if you are a 30-licence service, you will be paying $40 + GST every month and if you are a 150-licence service, you will be paying $100 + GST every month

Would you help us with our data migration from APT/First Base/ Info-care/ Discover when we change over

Yes, we will copy over all your current enrolments, parents and staff members. You will need to keep a copy of all your previous years’ data from your other system.

I will need to run an RS7 before the changeover and submit a paper version to the MOE for the next funding round?

Yes, so you will be submitting the RS7 in two parts –

  • Submit the portion of your claim electronically, for the full month/s you have been using Juniorlogs, and

The Ministry will then combine this information for upcoming payment.

And do I need to export all my data from APT/ First Base/ Info-care/ Discover before the changeover date?

The Ministry has stated that

“The Ministry does not have any requirements around migrating historical data when a service changes SMS providers. As per the Q&A section of our ELI Public page and section 20.2 of the ELI Data Collection specification, only data for children with an open enrolment must be transferred to the new SMS:

However, the onus is on services to ensure they can access and provide the relevant records in the event of a Ministry funding audit. Items like enrolment/attendance/staffing records need physical signatures on them, so services should already be holding paper/scanned copies.

Chapter 11 of the Funding Handbook also outlines the requirements for service record keeping – https://www.education.govt.nz/early-childhood/funding-and-data/funding-handbooks/ece-funding-handbook/chapter-11-record-keeping/

What sort of system is needed to run the app on? Just wondering whether our existing tablets we use for info-care will work?

From what we believe, the existing info-care tabs don’t allow you to run any other apps.

You can use any standard Android (Samsung) tablet/ Apple (iPads) that will allow you to download an app from Playstore/AppStore and download and install it on your device.

How do I go about starting with you guys? I know I need to give 30 days’ notice to my current SMS provider so wondering what is the timeframe?

We need you to sign up for Juniorlogs once you decide on a changeover date. We’ll set up your new Juniorlogs account with current enrolments and staff/educator details. That means your data migration will be taken care of.

We will have your account ready and would have handed over a fully ready system a week before the going live date.

When do I end current enrolments in my other system?

Get a copy of all your previous RS7 and ECE Returns and any other financial reports.

End all enrolments on the day before your Juniorlogs start date.

Start marking your attendance in Juniorlogs from Day 1 of the changeover.