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Juniorlogs is a cloud-based software that helps you manage ELI and record keeping requirements for your service efficiently.

Trusted by more than 400 centres nationwide, it allows you to submit accurate enrolment and attendance information.
Quick and easy to use with its intelligent notifications, smart reporting and advanced dashboard design, get yourself ahead with the latest technology!
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Juniorlogs is powerful, yet easy to understand and simple to use

Flawless funding calculations ECE Juniorlogs Childcare management system

Flawless funding calculation


Our unique funding calculation mechanism makes sure you receive every cent that you are entitled from MoE. More than 5000 RS7 returns have been generated and submitted that supports our claim.

Create Reports in Seconds with Juniorlogs Childcare management system
Meaningful reports in seconds

A smarter way to understand your business activity, Juniorlogs combine your data in meaningful reports to give you a 360 degree view.

Best support provided by Juniorlogs student management software
Best support team

We work with more than 900 ECE Service providers like yourselves. We are self-proclaimed “Technology specialist for ECE Whānau” and we are proud of our champion support team who will always go an extra mile to make sure your queries are resolved.

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